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You can call me Sherry The Horror Loli~ There be horror and dark stuff here.
I'm most passionate about oldschool survival horror video games, Shanks, & Princess Daisy. Resident Evil REmake is my favorite game of all time. Most of my posts are horror related. But I'll reblog and post out of that genre also. Like Nintendo, Magi, Black Butler, YGO!, Eyeshield 21, South Park, etc., and other shit.

Skype: AkagamiShanksu


My friend Usagi offered to get me Rule Of Rose and Kuon because he said it’s cheap where he is and holy fuck I never expected this and I’m excited if it does happen

November 27

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vg challenge: 7 video games [3/7] → Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

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The GamerGate war is starting to depress me. Same with the feminists vs anti feminists and SJW vs anti SJW. It’s all just seemingly going nowhere. And it’s all the time. All the fucking time. Everywhere. When just a few years ago the climate was entirely different. People were just playing video games. But now it’s a never ending cycle of everyone going “Look at the problematic thing so and so is doing!!! We have to do something” and like I’m leaning towards a point where I don’t even care. Regardless of what side I’m on, I just want it all to get sucked into a vortex and stop. This is a huge giant social war and I don’t see it ending and to be honest I don’t even know how it could end. Everyone wants change. But it’s all such a pain in the ass to deal with and watch everyone biting each other’s throats out. Here’s how bad the climate has gotten. It’s to a point where I’m assuming someone is going to want to bite my head off because I hate the fighting thus ‘am not being progressive minded’ thus I will be considered ‘problematic’. 

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I went and asked my uncle and he thinks he owes me $125. I feel like I could be being ripped off…or maybe my memory is just really distorted and I haven’t babysitted that much since my last payment. Either way, ‘I’m not putting up a fight. But next time I get paid I’m going to actually keep track.

Tommorow will be like an estimated 8 days I’ve babysitted I think. So I’ll be owed like $200. It really depends if my uncle agrees with that estimate. I just don’t want be ripped off. But I don’t want to rip him off either. The next time I get paid, I’m going to always count and keep track of this shit.