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You can call me Sherry The Horror Loli~ There be horror and dark stuff here.
I'm most passionate about oldschool survival horror video games. Resident Evil REmake is my favorite game of all time. Most of my posts are horror related. Primarily games and anime/manga. But I'll reblog and post out of that genre & subject sometimes. Like Magi, South Park, and other shit.

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So I’m expecting my Luigi hat 3DS case to arrive someday now. My coins on Club Nintendo were telling me they were going to expire at the end of June so I flipped out cuz I had 290 which is a good amount but there really was nothing worth buying that was under 300. So I asked for my friends who didn’t use CN to lend me their codes for their games. So ty Jazz and Ino. I’ll be doing gift drawings for them as thanks

I dunno what to name my character in the South Park game when I do get it. (Lite Stick Of Truth spoiler…ish under cut. So don’t read this Shayla and weskerz)

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For me I’m trying to think of feelings I want to get from Ambience music. So maybe people will be able to recommend things for me.

There’s all types of different feelings and visuals I want to get. I’m bad at explaining what I want but..

I want something that make me think of science when it goes wrong. Monstrosities. Dirt and disease. Metal and labs. (Resident Evil REmake’s OST has a lot of examples of songs that do this. Look up it’s Lab Entrance theme and Unclean Kitchen) Sadness and a weird feeling of loss. I want to picture scary and beautiful cathedrals. Ghosts.

Started listening to Atrium Carceri. And wow I am really digging it.

I want more ambience though. Specifically Dark ambience and also…. Is there any Ambience projects that give you the feeling of being in a castle or some ancient gothic church? I like church choruses lot. The darker the feeling the better.

I feel so dumb because I always listened to just video game ambience tracks not realizing that there’s people who actually dedicate their time to just making that sort of music just because.

Woo what do you even call this style? Grunge?  I have no fucking idea

Woo what do you even call this style? Grunge? I have no fucking idea



Anyone really


  1. SleepResearch_Facility - Nostromo. This album is amazing. Truly phenomenal stuff. It is the sound of a ship in a state of absolute stasis and bliss. It is the sound of machinery and space, untouched by the slumbering crew. It is the sound of isolation, and it is truly hypnotic.
  2. Burzum - Dauði Baldrs. Screw what anyone says, this album is a masterpiece. Recorded on a synth in a prison cell cuz it was the only music equipment they’d allow him. It sounds really mystical and strange, and the experience is enhanced if you study the song titles and look up their corresponding events in norse mythology. Definitely an underrated masterpiece for me!
  3. The Caretaker - We’ll All Go Riding on a Rainbow. This album is severely underrated in The Caretaker’s discog. It’s a perfect crossroads of his “original” compositions of dark ambient dirges, and his eerie treatments of swing and big band numbers!
  4. Time Machines - Time Machines. Dude, if I ever do acid, I’m doing it to this album, plain and simple. This is the most amazing droning ambient shit you will ever experience.
  5. Nurse With Wound - She and Me Fall Together in Free Death. Yet another underrated masterpiece. Has a lot of varying moods, but they all sound amazing, but in particular I love the opening track and its really sparse dub beat throughout. 
  6. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill OST. Let’s be real, you alreayd know why this fucking rules.
  7. Nurse With Wound - Shipwreck Radio, Volume One: Seven Sonic Structures From Utvær. HOLY SHIT THIS ALBUM IS PERFECT. Two of my fav musicians were commissioned to create a bunch of 15 and 30 min broadcasts for this small island community. They challenged themselves to just make up weird bullshit collages to air for the folks, and some of them have noisy and rhythmic aspects, but others are pure droning and abstract dark bliss i don’t have words to properly describe it holy fuck!
  8. Zoät-Aon - Star Autopsy. I once described this album to someone as the sound of waking up aboard an alien space ship and being forcibly probed. I still stand by that description. This is a weird paradoxical type of dark ambient album. It feels bright and mechanical, instead of dark and natural. It’s a very unique experience.
  9. Bass Communion - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape. 10/10 would spook again. This is a great album for trying to remind yourself that ghosts exist. It is very solemn, and sometimes sinister. Great eerie album from a dude usually known for making prog rock.
  10.  Enemite - Wuyuan. This album is REALLY REALLY WEIRD. Definitely one of the few albms that genuinely gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. Very occult and ritualized. Sounds like a chinese man channeling the spirits of tormented monks. 

there are so many more i wanna share but start with those please!!!

reblogging cuz i added links to samples!!!

Bless you. Thanks.

Ill have to reblog that again off mobile


Favorites (in no particular order): MoviesPokémon 3: Spell of the Unown (2000)
|”You can become anything you wish.”|

Wait did the 3rd Pokemon movie’s english ost get released cuz the Molly VS Misty song is now on youtube without the bg noise and effects