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You can call me Sherry The Horror Loli~ There be horror and dark stuff here.
I'm most passionate about oldschool survival horror video games, Shanks, & Princess Daisy. Resident Evil REmake is my favorite game of all time. Most of my posts are horror related. But I'll reblog and post out of that genre & subject sometimes. Like Nintendo, Magi, Black Butler, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Eyeshield 21, South Park, and other shit.

Skype: AkagamiShanksu


I created a queued interests page on my tumblr so I can keep better track of video game series or whatever I mean to get into eventually or more into but don’t normally have the time or money (Mostly money) 

If anyone has any recommendations for me just let me know.

If you boycott Revelations 2 because Alyson Court isn’t voicing Claire, you are ridiculous and need to recheck your priorities when it comes to gaming and what’s important to a game and yourself as a gamer.

Anonymous said: You should raise your voice and say the things that you think, don't try to afford all the things by yourself. And don't worry for others before you, think in your welfare. If you don't like something say it!! I know that maybe I'm being too simplistic by saying this and it could be hard for you, but at least you should try it! Try to live happy although life is hard

Oh ty anon. Don’t worry I usually do say what I think eventually. My frustration usually comes from talking not actually fixing things. But I do try. I’m just annoyed at things piling up so intensely this month when there was a period where everything was mellow

Family adultery for about 6+ years and dealing with it again throughout this entire month, being yelled at for dumb shit cuz everyone is stressed, friends fighting each other, not sure how to fix it but tried to make sure everyone would come together again, suffered from extreme social anxiety after going outside to hang with a friend and a stranger, literally am almost too scared to leave my house ever again due to fear of being hated, wrongfully blamed by close friend for all the group’s problems because friend distorted or assumed things incorrectly, lost friend, mutual friend is now possibly not friend with the friend either (The thing I was always trying to stop)

What the fuck is wrong with September 2014.

Like I keep check marking bullshit about this month and things keep getting added. This is insane.

In the end it was 4chan that destroyed 4chan from the inside. Of all the powerhouses to go down..

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(Full Version)


(Full Version)

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My favorite part of episode 12!!! I’m glad they kept this scene!!

Wait this was the actual canon dialogue? (I don’t remember this)

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I was inspired today to make a high quality version of the main theme from the utterly bizarre sega dreamcast game Illbleed. Mostly because I was pretty shocked to find that such a campy horror game had such a beautiful and almost heartfelt theme.

If you haven’t heard of the crazy b-movie mash-up that is Illbleed, I highly recommend you check out a let’s play. Watch supergreatfriend’s LP for a really in-depth and informative walkthrough that really showcases just what this game has in store. Watch the super relay LP if you want to watch a bunch of guys blindly stumbling through the game in a constant state of shock at the sheer weirdness going on. Both are enjoyable and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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I want to buy a Dreamcast solely for Illbleed. You don’t understand, I’ve been admiring this game from afar for a while now.